Crypto Currency for donation and service
We can help others easily with merci

Merci without discrimination

Merci is a crypto currency that can help someone who needs help without discrimination through Merci Beaucoup over the Internet.

To find happiness

Merci is always ready for someone who needs help. All you need to get help is to contact us.

The nature of help

Helping others is helping them to stand on their own. Merci will always be as safe and secure as home.

Merci Network

The name of our coin is MERCI COIN. In French, it means "Thank you."

Please register your experience of sharing your Good Deed on the MERCI platform.

Through this project, we will find out that many people's commitment and meaningful actions can give a lot of hope to everywhere needing help. We hope to prove that these small movements can come together to prove that the word 'hope' exists in all human beings in the world and that we can live together.

The future of MERCI COIN, which started as the first step towards the world of living together, is made with the participation and commitment of everyone.

MERCI COIN is always open to everyone. We will continue to share your grateful helping hands and warm hearts and to march forward for a more beautiful and bigger world. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest to the MERCI project or report heart-warming ideas. MERCI COIN will accompany you all the way.

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Block Chain Safety

Donations will not be manipulated or deleted, always be transparent with Block Chain

Online Donation Platform

Everyone can help someone easily only with volunteering photographs through Merci Beaucoup, an online donation platform

Anyone who needs help

The ideal society we dream of is a society where everyone lives together, everyone is happy, and everyone is free.


Donate Merci to help someone who need help

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Society where everyone lives together

The ideal society we dream of is a society where everyone lives together, everyone is happy, and everyone is free.

However, our society is now experiencing a gap between the rich and the poor resulted from the framework, so called the market economy.

MERCI COIN will be able to restart the lives of those who need help and we can see how far MERCI COIN can make an impact on our lives.

It will be power if you gather.

The more you do it, the more beautiful you become.

5543997548 Remained Merci
2594 Provided Merci
5544904619 Received Merci
24 Activities Registered

Our Vision

Merci Coin and MerciBq Platform launch with 선행. Merci Core wallet can be downloaded.

We search for someone who need help and many partners which is connected to supported people for Merci Network.

Coupons, which is issued by many Merci partners, can purchase some foods and etc through our shop platform.